Seung-taek Lee, Earth Play, 1979-89

Seung-taek Lee, Earth Play, 1979-89


12.10.2016 - 6PM
Ministère de l’Environnement, de l’Énergie et de la Mer, Paris, FR

From 2010, The Coalition for art and sustainable development (COAL) mobilizes artists and cultural actors on social and environmental issues and supports the creation of artwork, creating awareness and implements concrete solutions through exhibitions, events, prizes, and intelligence resources.

Selected among 250 international artists, Marginal is one of the 10 finalists of the COAL ART & ENVIRONMENT PRIZE 2016. The award ceremony will take place on 12th October 2016, in Paris.



13.10.2016 - 11AM
La Triennale di Milano, Sala Agorà, Milan, IT

How to re-thing the kids' experience during lunch? Can we co-design with them the canteen according to their needs?
What if we introduce design as a didactic subject in the primary school to increase children's sensibility toward food, nutrition and the universe of objects?

As a pilot chapter of a broader project, we will share our experience at the public presentation of DIRE MANGIARE PROGETTARE, an initiative of CURE, Associazione Amici Casa della Carità ONLUS, Milan Center for Food Law and Policy, and Camst.