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For the website Counter-Colonial Aesthetics we research the ethno-anthropological depictions of Sicilian vernacular culture, drawing a parallel with the way African and Asian art is portrayed.

Counter-Colonial Aesthetics presents the work of Marginal Studio in the city of Palermo, an inquiry into the potential of migrations to re-frame contemporary design function and visions. As the first release of a long term engagement, Marginal Studio with the support of CRESM - Centro Ricerche Economiche e Sociali per il Meridione are presenting multiple material research developed in collaboration with a wide network of artisans, social workers, and migrants. Each one addresses an aspect of the phenomenon of global migrations in relation to colonialism. 

Counter-Colonial Aesthetics is an investigation in Sicilian material culture inviting artisans to collaborate on a participatory platform revolving around the concept of shared heritage and diasporic identities. Counter-Colonial Aesthetics aims to go beyond the simple acknowledgement that certain countries are exploited to grant richer countries their lifestyle, Counter-Colonial means also that territory and people also in Sicily are and have been exploited and denied of their cultural identity. We articulate a constructive critique of economic inequality in material terms, rather than symbolic ones. Crafts are in fact not only the holders of historical knowledge and trauma but also a medium to restore dignity and redeem oppressed and colonised cultures.

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The communication for Counter-Colonial Aesthetics was adapted to mobile devices to make it an easy tool to engage in conversations with visitors, or engage with participants, the open format of the event is reflected in the structure of the website, chapter and archive hosts all the happenings and the lines of research. It’s an ongoing research path which aim to be direct and accessible to many.


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