Siam is the former name of Thailand, a land of many  shades, where ethnicities have mingled and some minorities still resist even after colonization and post-colonial attitudes of Western economies.
Many are the traces to be found in every part of that territory of cultural richness and diversity. While manufacture is booming in this part of the world,  we went to research for those material cultures which were dismissed or distorted by an industrial develompent molded on a Capitalistic understanding of materials and processes.

Rubber, lac and other resins, are traditionally extracted by trees; unfortunately, they end immediately after in an industrial cycle with that gives no chance for locals to have ordinary products made of the very same material they master the productions. We went to the source of those materials to map and document contradictions and conflicts that determine their production cycle, and started a workshop with local craftmen in order to deepen our understanding of the context.

From this study, alternative cycles are developing and taking shapes of ordinary products, high end products and DIY solution for local manufacture.
The project is now at the prototyping phase.

In collaboration with ภาคภูมิ ยุทธนานุกร ,