Forum for an Attitude (FFAA)takes place in two places: In form of a series of five Forums at Depot Basel in Basel and as an exhibition at Vitra Design Museum Gallery in Weil am Rhein.

The exhibition describes design as a versatile discipline. It analyses the relation between the designers’ attitude and the work produced. The exhibited contemporary designers, who have left their formal education not that long ago, produce subjective works shaped by their very own natures and characters. What are the convictions which motivate them to act as designers? What kind of motives do their informed and thoughtful suggestions derive from? The display of works and attitudes by twenty-four designers, as well as insights into contemporary design occupation and also an question device for the visitors configure a Forum − a designated representation in a space − for what the designers want to express and effect.

FFAA started in 2015 and evolves – currently in BWA Dizajn Gallery in Wroclaw, Poland – within the discourse about contemporary design conditions. The Forum is an immersive, informal format developed and carried out by Depot Basel within the scope of the Forum for an Attitude. is a collection of images and texts, reflections, ideas and insights acquired during and after the Forums, it does not claim to be complete, and it will continuously be updated and grow with every future Forum.

24 positions – a selection of recent projects – presenting design as a versatile and societal discipline. Accompanying texts mirror the positions’ individual attitudes and the aims the authors pursue with their works. Hence the ‘typical exhibition visitor rarely views the work on display as a commodity’ (Boris Groys, ‘Politics of Installation,’ 2009), the projects are not physically present, but instead the work is a replica – a picture on a 1:1 scale. 

Togheter with Jeannette Petrik we developed the Research and surveys to render the complexity of Designers' life beyond the glossy images that each of us creates for her/his professional identity.

 Depot Basel, one of the sites of the forums

Depot Basel, one of the sites of the forums


An exhibition can only offer a snapshot of a certain theme – a subjective and edited version of content and time. 

Depot Basel wants to not only show design, but also take on the opportunity to develop it further. In our pursuit of the endeavor to break away from conventional ideas of collaboration and exchange we consider the gathering of people for collective dialogues and activities most important. We see it as an urgent matter to open designated spaces for friction, dialogue and experimentation: Forums to discuss the state of design and adjacent disciplines, to think about the roles of creative professionals and to formulate ideas. 

The format of the Forum provides a space for a professional and friendly exchange between designers, non-designers, practitioners and thinkers for the development of ideas. 
They are an experiment, a physical space, in which attitudes take shape and networks evolve. Within a wide program, including for example collective readings, lectures, discussions, workshops, experiments, informal conversations, joint dinners and events for the general public, the topic of the Forum is explored, elaborated and developed. 



FORUM 1 – SOLIDARITY 16.10. – 18.10.2015

‘In relationship to my practice, friendship is, at its most relevant in relation to a labour process: as a way of working together. (…) friendship as a form of solidarity: friends in action. Also, as we know, working together can both start from and create forms of solidarity and/ or friendship, which are therefore pursued as both condition and intent, motivating actions taken and allowing work undertaken.’ (Céline Condorelli in Mousse 32, February 2012)

Forum 1 was celebrating the importance of personal and professional togetherness. We approached questions with regard to collaboration: What can connectedness signify through collective ideas, activities and goals? During the event  Zur Bleibe a collective from Basel participated in a dinner prepared by asylum seeker in the context of a project to allow them to work legally.  In Basel the average time for somebody to get Asylum visa is more than 1000 days, In this period migrants are not allowed to work. With a open collective kitchen they can help, prepare the most tasty food and talk with local people. The only rule to take part in this event is that you cannot feed yourself, feeding each other instead as intimate gesture of solidarity.